Press Release   -   November 2   2004

Bud lives! Jazz giant Bud Powell would have been 80 years old on September 27, 2004.  In commemoration, Piadrum Records releases Eternity, a collection of never before released solo piano performances recorded from 1961 to 1964 in Paris at the homes of Francis Paudras who took Powell under his care for several years.  This CD emphasizes the power of one spirit driven to live through his music. 

Despite much controversy, we believe that there is still an audience for Bud’s music that goes beyond the Mythic Sound Series and wanted to find a way for Bud Powell's fans and would-be-fans to be exposed to his last works.  This compilation exhibits the good, bad and ugly qualities near the end of Powell's life, rendering a last but beautiful performance.  Although the recorded sound quality sometimes is marginal, much of the music created is nothing less than a moment of grace.  Bud's spirit shines through in spite of his physical frailty in the later part of his life. 

Francis described Powell's playing of Monk's repertory during this period: "Bud seemed to want to transmit another message to his old friend, the calm and serene contemplation of an artist who has come to the point where he now wants to say only the essential, uncontrived beauty, art without artifice." The first three tracks,Spring is Here, Shaw'Nuff and A Night in Tunisia were recorded in 1961 along with I'll Keep Loving You, Idaho and Mary's Improvisation, a performance inspired by Tenderly. Joshua's Blue is a blues piece originally untitled on the master.  Tracks 5 through 7, 'Round Midnight, I Hear Music and Someone to Watch Over Me were recorded in June 1962 in Francis' home on Rue de Boursault in Paris.  Deep Night and But Beautiful could well have been recorded in the last sessions before Bud was diagnosed with tuberculosis.  During his stay at a sanatorium called Bouffémont, he wrote the song Blues for Bouffémont and recorded it in February of 1964 in Francis' home on Rue de Clichy. 

Eternity is the title of a poem Bud wrote on his bedside at King County Hospital a week before he died on July 31, 1966.  God gave Bud eternal life through the healing power of his music.  There is healing in music and you see in these songs a life-giving process.  A thing of beauty is a joy forever and forever is Eternity