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Our Mission

  • To challenge the limits of acoustic instrumentation
  • To express the human condition of our time
  • To pursue the highest tone quality inherent to musical instruments
  • To promote and preserve the spirit of Jazz improvisation
  • To create music for the pleasure of the audience and the players
  • To explore new sound within the boundary of harmonic structure
  • To embrace diversity in search of liberty and truth
  • To ensure vitality of the art form and financial remuneration for the Artists


About Our Logo

Music to our souls is like water to our bodies.  A water tower serves the purpose of containing and supplying water that is essential to our daily lives.  Piadrum Records is here to preserve and to shape the musical art form that nourishes our spirit.   We are here to provide a platform for creativity to flow  continually and endlessly.  


Company Goals and Objectives

  • Create a highly organized, productive and efficient organization dedicated to the production and promotion of music releases
  • Streamline process by utilizing cross functional team concept to ensure effective communications
  • Defined clearly roles and responsibilities to reduce overlap
  • Minimize operational overhead and expense by building partnerships with established vendors and contract services
  • Recognize people and talent as the greatest asset to the company

About Our Founder

Jessica Shih, the founder of Piadrum Records, has accumulated over 20 years of industry experience in the area of product development and manufacturing, project management, vendor management, customer technical support and quality assurance.  She has created a vision for this company to combine music and business talent into one cohesive seamless effort to reach our consumers and audience.  She applies her skills from high tech sector and her training in classical piano and Jazz composition to bring the best talent to the public.  

Jessica and her son, Ethan (2006)