Streams of Consciousness 


Press Release 

The collaboration between the two musical genius, Max Roach and Abdullah Ibrahim began with this 1977 recording "Streams of Consciousness" on Baystate records.  Subsequently they toured together in the 1990's, however, this recording remained as  the only one in existence.  Max restates today as he prepares the album for this reissue that this encounter with Abdullah Ibrahim, "Streams of Consciousness," is dearest to him of his duo albums.  It is special to him because it connects with Max's social consciousness.  

Max described in his liner notes for "Streams of Consciousness" when it was first released in 1977:

        This music is an expression of pure improvisation.  Mr. Brand (Ibrahim) and I had no rehearsals or plans (written or otherwise) as to how or what we were going to record.  We met at the studio, sat down to our respective instruments and commenced to perform.  Our becoming musically acquainted was both challenging and enjoyable.  The resulting cohesiveness, I am sure, had much to do with our environmental similarities.  

The liner notes today for this Piadrum reissue on CD is prepared by Phil Schaap, the jazz historian.  We appreciate his perspective as he documents the historic nature of this work.  There is no better recording than this one that represents the original inspiration which gave inception to the name Piadrum, piano and drums.   We are truly honored to be the home for this exceptional recording in the years to come, and we hope you find this musical experience revealing and enlightening as we allow our own conscious minds immersed with the collective consciousness of all.