As one contemplates in solitude, one begins to ponder the unknown and the endless interconnections in the world we inhabit.  The Internet, with a click on an icon, allows us to branch out from isolation into the boundless World-Wide-Web and to be in touch with vast and various realms.  There is always something old, something new, something to be explored, and something to be left alone.  One can only be amazed at how and why the universe maintains its order, beauty and joy amongst chaos, uncertainty and constant change. 


Charnett Moffett - acoustic, fretless, piccolo bass, and bass guitar
Stephen Scott- piano & synthesizer
Eric McPherson- drums
Amit Shamir- drums 6,7,14 & B2
Special Guest Scott Brown- piano B2
Aaron Spencer- soprano saxophone 7 & 14
Maria Sartori-Spencer- vocal 7
J. S.- piano 7 & 14
Charnett Moffett - vocal 15 & B2

Recording Date  August 27 & 28, 2005 

Engineer  Dae Bennett,  Brian Dozoretz

Release Date (Piadrum - 0601) April, 11  2006

Charnett Moffett opens up a world of possibilities with this spirited, improvisational sensation.  Embracing the concept of freedom with discipline, his music is inspiring and reflective, and it transcends both spiritual and human love. With memorable melodies and influences from Eastern and harmolodic music, Charnett takes us on a musical journey that travels as far as our imaginations will reach.


Charnett Moffett - acoustic & fretless bass
Scott Brown- piano
Codaryl Moffett- drums
Mondre Moffett- trumpet & flugelhorn
Angela Moffett- spoken words 1 5 & 9
Charisse Moffett- vocals 1 2 6 7 & 9
J. S. - piano 1 6 7 & 9

Recording Date  September 6 & 7, 2003 

Engineer  Brenda Ferry, Jon Gordon, Andy Sarroff

Release Date (Piadrum - 0401) May, 4  2004